Pakedge Wireless Wireless performance that you can count on.

Pakedge wireless access points provide high-range, enterprise-level wireless communication between all devices within a network. Combined with the C36 Wireless Network Controller, the Pakedge portfolio of wireless products allows an entire network with multiple APs to function wirelessly and without interference.

C36 Wireless Controller

The C36 Wireless Controller serves as the command, coordination, and control center of a wireless network with multiple access points. In a network without a wireless controller, the wireless access points are unaware of each other and act independently – resulting in sub-optimal network performance, coverage gaps, and unreliable connectivity. The C36 removes the problem of configuring wireless APs, allowing integrators to install, configure, and optimize all access points in a job within minutes – and easily keep their performance optimized.



Easily optimize your wireless

The C36 continuously scans the local enviroment to adapt and optimize wireless performance, using TruStream™, SectorMaxx™, SmartWav™ and Fluxx™ technologies. This enhances speed and coverage while mitigating interference across the entire site.

One touch configuration

Setting up a complete wireless network is simple with the C36. Configure all APs on your network from one page with the intuitive wireless wizard.

Automated functions

Auto-discovery and automatic update functions ensure a hands-off approach to wireless network maintenance. The C36 lets you manage AP configurations, including channel settings, client device management, and wireless scheduling, from a single location for convenience and simplicity.


Secure wireless networking

The ability to push security settings across the network integrated individual device blocking and broadcast scheduling to provide a unified, secure, wireless network.




Wireless Access Points


Wireless coverage that you can depend on. Whether in the home or office, our access points cover all your wireless needs. These high power, high range wireless access points ensure that your devices will always connect with the best speeds possible.


The WK-1 2×2 AC wireless access point provides high-speed, high-range wireless AC networking. Because it is designed with a dual-LAN construction, users can daisy chain WK-1s for easy installation, even without access to network ports. Its 2×2 high powered technology brings blazing fast AC networking, even at high range. Built with enterprise grade wireless technology, the WK-1 is designed with a focus on a high signal-to-noise ratio, providing a clear signal even with the amplified signal of the WK-1.

Wireless AC Enterprise

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The WX-1 3×3:3 Wireless-AC access point is designed for enterprise-grade, high speed and high coverage. Because of its 3 simultaneous radio streams, it is ideal for high-density installations. The WX-1 is designed as a modular access point – flush-mount in-wall or in-ceiling. The WX-1 is also fully compatible with the C36 Wireless Controller, enabling fast, easy installations – even in large jobs requiring intelligent wireless optimization.

Wireless AC Enterprise

W7x Series

The high-powered dual-band W7x access provides proven, high-compatibility enterprise-grade Wireless-N networking. SmartWav™ and SectorMaxx technologies enable a stronger, more stable radio signal than traditional wireless access points. All W7x devices can be powered by PoE, which draws power from the existing Ethernet cable, rather than an AC wall outlet.

Wireless N Enterprise

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W6x Series

The W6x family of ultra-high powered access points is designed to provide a versatile, high power 802.11b/g/n wireless solution with best-in-class wireless coverage. The W6x series of access points is an ideal way to implement a wireless network.

Wireless N Enterprise

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SmartWav technology takes advantage of proprietary intelligent software algorithms and advanced antenna designs adapt to each site to improve or enhance wireless transmission and reception while mitigating interference.

With TruStream technology, network speeds are given a boost – ensuring peak performance for latency-sensitive applications like VoIP, streaming video, and streaming audio.


SectorMaxx antenna technology works in the background to improve signal-to-noise ratio, coverage, and reception. Sectormaxx improves range up to 3x over conventional wireless technology and ensures uninterrupted data transmission.


BakPak Wireless Discovery

Quickly and easily obtain information about any access point or client device on the network from anywhere in the world using BakPak Cloud mobile and web apps.

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