Pakedge Routers The ability to stream anything, and everything.

Your router acts as the brain of your network, redirecting and assigning data to their proper destinations. To get the most out of your network you need a router that offers all the features required for a seamless and scalable A/V system.

Designed for A/V

Pakedge routers are specifically engineered to handle high bandwidth audio/video media. Our routers can handle anything that you can throw at it – whether it is fully uncompressed audio, or streaming 4k video content, we got you covered.

4K We’ve got you covered

Turbo-charged core processors

Pakedge routers are power-packed with a variety of performance enhancing features to ensure your audio and video streaming stays uninterrupted. Our unique and powerful core chipsets allow us to stand above the rest of the competition. Here at Pakedge we always aim to provide the highest quality products in the industry.

Security you can trust

Greater security for your incoming and outgoing traffic. Pakedge routers come with a suite of security features such as advanced firewall protection, and parental controls that include website filtering, helps protect your devices from viruses and prevents household information from escaping to the outside world.


Secure Remote Support – The RE-Series is built for seamless setup, seamless use, and seamless support. An easy-to-enable feature allows Pakedge Technical Support to log directly into the RE-Series and assist installers with configuration or network problems.

Scalable to any network size

Whether your network is streaming high bandwidth 4K content, or utilizing simple web and email clients, our routers will perform without a hitch. Pakedge’s routers are scalable to handle almost any network size – big or small.


Easy to use

Pakedge Routers are designed with user and integrator in mind to provide the raw, enterprise-grade power needed for resource-intensive A/V networks – but without the complexity of traditional IT equipment. Simple, intuitive menus and easy-to-navigate configurations make setup simple – and from there, users can simply enjoy their network without compromise.


Cloud Enabled – Because the RE-series is cloud-enabled, keeping it up-to-date is simple. The RE-Series informs integrators of new firmware, meaning the latest features and security enhancements will always be only the click of a button away.

Intelligent Traffic Management

Pakedge routers are built with a suite of features to intelligently manage bandwidth hogging devices. Switch-level Pakedge Zones are passed intelligently through the router, while proprietary technologies ensure that devices like IP cameras and streaming systems can’t overwhelm the network. Pakedge routers also incorporate Network Bonding, which allows the benefits and bandwidth control of Pakedge Zones while still allowing users to access files, stream media, and enjoy the benefits of any device on the network

AV Aesthetics

A truly luxurious home deserves the look and feel of devices designed from the ground-up with class in mind. Elegant design, high-quality materials, and cool blue LEDs give Pakedge switches a high-end A/V look and feel. Because of this focus on design, Pakedge Switches fit perfectly alongside any A/V equipment in a rack.

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BakPak Automation

BakPak’s Triplex functionality keeps the router up and running even when it would otherwise go down. With BakPak, a set of automated functions are automatically carried out to bring the router back up in case of network failure.

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