Pakedge Routers Stream anything, and everything.

Your router acts as the brains of your network, redirecting and assigning data to their proper destinations. To get the most out of your network you need a router that offers all the features required for a seamless and scalable A/V system.

  • Basic Routing

  • Performance + Value

  • Small/Medium Residential

  • Advanced Routing

  • High Performance

  • Large/Complex Residential

  • Secure Routing

  • Performance + Advanced Security

  • Multi-dwelling/Commercial

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Turbocharged Core Processors

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High performance networking starts at the core. Every Pakedge router is built with advanced processors designed specifically to handle high bandwidth, low latency multimedia traffic. From single processors to dual core designs capable of gigabit throughputs, Pakedge routers represent the gold standard in high performance AV networking.

Designed for A/V

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Pakedge Routers are specifically engineered to handle high bandwidth multicast audio/video media in commercial and residential environments.  Pakedge TruStream™ technology, running on high performance processors, ensure that anything you throw at it whether it is high resolution audio, UHD video, and everything in between, we got you covered.

Performance Zones

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Pakedge Zones™ separate network traffic into one of six zones – management, voice, audio/video, automation, data, and guest, for best performance. Pakedge routers incorporate algorithms to ensure all zoned traffic are routed properly throughout the network.

Zone Bonding

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Pakedge routers incorporate exclusive Zone Bonding technology to connect devices across different zones that are normally isolated. This allows mobile devices like smartphones in Zone 1 to access security camereras in Zone 4 or listen to a streaming video feed in Zone 3. Zone Bonding technology in Pakedge routers provide the high network performance of Zones while allowing selective interactions between devices across zones for maximum flexibility and control.

Intelligent Traffic Management

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For ultimate flexibility and control, Pakedge routers incorporate advanced traffic management algorithms and user defined traffic rules. For example, traffic from verified trusted sources can bypass anti-virus scanning for faster network throughput. User defined rules can specify how traffic is handled based on traffic source destination, application, service type and protocol, for maximum efficiency, performance, reliability and security.

Secure Networking

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Your network stays safe with Pakedge’s integrated multi-layer security approach. The router plays an important role in this approach with both reactive and proactive technologies, including firewalls, access controls for devices and websites, VPN, DMZ and guest networks. Advanced security is provided through a seperate Unified Threat Management system.

Complete Simplicity

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Pakedge Router management menus are designed with an emphasis on user experience/use interface (UX/UI) principles. The result is a simple, intuitive, easy to use menu that is simple in look and feel across the entire Pakedge product line. The unified design language makes it easy to use any Pakedge product – with previously difficult features like Pakedge Zones simplified into an easy drag-and-drop format. designed to prioritize simplicity without sacrificing functionality. The most important and commonly used AV features are brought to the forefront – ensuring faster setup, easier configuration, and simple maintenance.


 Remote Management

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When integrated with the BakPak Cloud Management system, you can easily manage and configure the router, and any connected network device on the network from anywhere in the world using BakPak Cloud mobile apps or a web browser.

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Connect+ Certified

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Custom Engineering

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The RE and RK Series are Pakedge Custom Engineering-ready, allowing you to create your own, customized configurations and co-branding for a simple, plug-and-play out of the box experience.

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AV Aesthetics

A truly luxurious home deserves the look and feel of devices designed from the ground-up with class in mind. Elegant design, high-quality materials, and cool blue LEDs give Pakedge Routers a high-end A/V look and feel. Because of this focus on design, Pakedge Routers fit perfectly alongside any A/V equipment in a rack.